About Us

Combining a passion for design and a thirst for fitness. All of our products undergo a rigorous design process ensuring that your performance needs are met both in and out of the gym.

Designed by the fitness minded for the fitness minded, it is our responsibility to deliver exceptional quality keeping you well equipped for your journey.

Repwear was created in 2015 with a vision to provide the best fitting gym apparel available in the market today. Due to Daniels height and build, there was nothing available that fitted how he wanted. The designs started to develop in house from scratch so all our products are unique and hand designed. Making sure that we provide you with the finest apparel, we make sure the products are tried and tested before release and the quality is second to none and meets our specific requirements. All our garments are measured and made to specific measurements to really compliment your physique and separate us from the rest, you wont find another fit like ours. 

Driving the brand forward founder and sole owner, Daniel Pollard looks over all the day to day runnings and product developments to make sure the business develops and grows on a daily basis.